Inspect thoroughly before you sign!

The perfect house!

The perfect house!

Does the perfect house only exist in our dreams? We believe it really does exist. The trick is to find it.

First and foremost, the right house has to meet all your specific needs. Each person’s or family’s needs vary : number of bedrooms, bathrooms, level of comfort, location, neighbourhood, etc. If your house meets all these criteria, you already have a very good house. And if on top of that, it meets high quality construction standards, then you just may have the perfect house!

In the Laurentians, we estimate that about one in twenty houses meets these high quality construction standards. Of course if you were to build your own house and were willing to pay for top-of-the-line materials, you could produce a high quality house yourself. But our concern here is to help you find an existing top quality house, built about twenty or thirty years ago. This house would probably have been built by a general contractor who was expecting to live in it until the day he died. Or maybe he built it for his daughter, who lived in it for five years and then sold it and moved on. In any case, the superior house will have been built by and for its owner, which is why the standards for construction and building materials were high. This house would thus be better designed, sturdier and more durable than the one next door and would require less maintenance.

Surprisingly, these houses are not necessarily more expensive than others in the same neighbourhood for a simple reason. As the years go by, knowledge of the original construction conditions is lost, especially with successive sales. Often the new owners don’t even realize that the house meets a higher construction standard. They probably bought it just because they liked it, without realizing that it was a notch above the fray. Or perhaps it was evaluated by a Real Estate Agent based solely on comparables.

Obviously, a good building inspector would spot an exceptionally well built house very quickly.  So if what you are looking for is an exceptional house, your professional building inspector is uniquely qualified to help you find it.

Trust the expert who is working for you! We’ll be happy to help you find that perfect house.


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